“eBA is a quality product and one of our most important applications. This platform allows us to automate pretty much anything we want.”

Société Générale

“eBA saved Société Générale significant time and money by reducing by 50% the loan evaluation and approval processes. Operational costs decreased 60% and customer satisfaction doubled as a result of faster loan decisions.”


“Our previous workflow application was too complex and difficult to use. With eBA, what used to take 2 days can be accomplished in one hour. eBA has given us the flexibility to easily adapt to our fast changing environment“

Ford Otosan

“Since 2004, eBA has been successfully and efficiently serving over 4000 users at our company“


“We designed all our complex processes end-to-end succesfully with eBA. eBA solutions play an important role for preventing data loss during data migrations.”


“eBA achieves a 90% satisfaction rating in our annual in-house systems satisfaction surveys. Moreover in 70 active processes, an average of 1,000 documents per day are successfully managed and approved through eBA.”